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Makeup helps women feel better about themselves. It not only helps them enhance their beauty, cover up certain imperfections, but also gives them confidence as well as makes them feel more in control.

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Anna Khita

Face Naked Studio, Permanent Makeup Academy & Spa

Makeup helps women feel better about themselves. It not only helps them enhance their beauty, cover up certain imperfections, but also gives them confidence as well as makes them feel more in control.

According to new research, around 54% of women do feel less confident when they don't wear makeup. However, in this busy, fast-paced world, putting on makeup every morning can be a hassle. This is the reason why more women than ever are investing in permanent makeup rather than throw away products. Permanent makeup consists of semi-permanent techniques that are implemented by a reputable, licensed & insured practitioner to enhance specific features of the face such as eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, eyeshadow, cheek blush, beauty mark and freckles.

What exactly is Permanent Makeup?
Permanent makeup is a type of tattooing on the face to imitate decorative makeup effects and looks. It gives you long-lasting, more defined brows, enhanced lips, precise eyeliner and more. While it will not smudge or wash off, it will not last forever. Touch-ups are required once the tattoo’s effects fade, which can take anywhere from one to three years on average depending on the implemented technique and your lifestyle. The amount of fading is determined by the amount of exposure to sunlight, cosmetics, anti-aging products and certain medical conditions.

Permanent Makeup vs. Microblading vs Tattoo
Permanent makeup, semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, medical tattooing, dermapigmentation and micropigmentation are all names for the same thing, which is a pigment implantation into the papillary layer of the dermis. When it comes to distinguishing permanent makeup from semi-permanent makeup, it's important to remember that many artists use different names for the same procedures due to vision differences, creative expression, and marketing stand points. Generally, in the United States, all cosmetic tattooing treatments are a form of tattooing and considered permanent from a Department of Health perspective. The difference between tattooing techniques lies in the methods of pigment implantation, whether it is done using a high quality digital PMU equipment or using a blade manually, by hand. In other words, when we perform permanent makeup procedure and using digital equipment, we are implanting pigment into the dermal layer of skin, which is deeper than superficial layer, and as such, the results lasting up to 3.5 years with proper care. When we use manual tool (blade, soft tap), we implant pigment into the superficial layer of skin, therefore the results will last depending on how heavy or light handed your artist was during the implantation procedure. If properly performed, Microblading results will last between 6-12 months, depending on the skin type, UV exposure, lifestyle. If properly performed, Microblading should completely vanish off your skin within the noted period. Generally, manual technique is more traumatic and has greater risks for scarring, blurring and healing into spotty unwanted bluish-purplish-greenish colors, as there is no mechanism on the end of a microblading blade tool (unlike digital device) to help an artist control the depth of pigment implantation. As an example, for someone looking for a hairlike looking eyebrow strokes (Microblading look), an alternative, safer, non-damaging hair follicles technique must be offered, known as Hybrid Brows or Digital Hairstrokes with the use of digital PMU equipment.

The success of your results is very much dependent upon having a skilled, experienced technician with a solid, proven reputation backed up by the healed results and successful patients case studies. Poor, improper application by an unskilled artist with either method of implantation can result in botched appearance, traumatizing unwanted results and loss of confidence.


Pigments We Use
We only use hypo-allergenic, organic and/or mineral based, hybrid pigments manufactured specifically for permanent makeup and medical tattooing industry. We only use the best, highest-grade pigments on the market, that have stable, predictable fading process and can be safely and effectively color boosted through the years.

We do not work with pigments containing iron oxide, as over time it can change to a green or reddish hues. Also, all pigments containing iron oxide contain metal in it, and as such are not safe for MRI procedures, as besides burning sensation during MRI, it can migrate , expand and/or cause scar tissue to form.

What Affects Life of my Permanent Makeup?
You can preserve the longevity of your permanent makeup by minimizing direct sun exposure and certain products. Always use a waterproof sunscreen with an SPF of 30, if you do anticipate unavoidable sun exposure. Any exfoliating skin care products containing acids such as, but not limited to glycolic, salicylic, or alpha hydroxy will fade your healed results faster, therefore it is best to avoid applying those products directly onto the areas of permanent makeup. Retinoids applied onto the areas of permanent makeup will fade your work very quickly as well. Any laser skin treatments, chemical peels, and waxing should be avoided within the area of service/s.

What to Expect During Permanent Makeup Treatment
Prior to any procedure, you can expect a 30-minute consultation, where we discuss in detail your medical history and ongoing conditions/contradictions/allergies, review before and after photos, discuss your long term goals, perform sketching of the shape/s, analyzing your facial morphology, determine your skin tone and undertone for proper color selection and successful healed results as an outcome. Once mutually agreed on the proposed shape and color, we pre-numb the area/s and began implantation. Please Note: Every tool, product, needle, gauzes etc we use during your procedure are single used, 100% disposable. All material/needle wrappings, pigment sterilization & lots # are to be logged in and stapled to your medical chart for future reference and record. It’s normal to have some discomfort during the procedure, but the numbing products should prevent any significant pain or inconvenience. 90% of our patients are sleeping or chatting during the procedure.

Permanent Makeup procedure generally occurs in two stages (the initial procedure and, if needed, the perfection session within 4 weeks post initial procedure – the necessity to be determined by the client & technician).

At the end of treatment, we go over post-procedure instructions and provide you with the aftercare kit for home use.

You should expect a change in the intensity and shade of the color over the first couple of weeks. Upon the initial application, the area treated is twice as dark and it lightens over 5-10 days as skin encloses and flakes off . Once flaking process is over and skin heals and regenerates, day 10 through day 28, every single day you will see how your color is revealing, settling and blossoming.

It is expected, but not necessary to have some swelling, redness, and tenderness at the treatment site. Based on your skin reaction and cooperation during the procedure, your technician will provide you with a specific aftercare kit that will aid in healing. It is very important to keep the area clean and sterile for the first 48-72 hours post initial procedure or until skin encloses to avoid a possibility of infection. Avoid applying decorative cosmetics and do not sweat up until the flaking process is over, to allow pigment securely to settle underneath your skin. DO not to scratch or pick your scab as it heals, let it flake off naturally. If the scab is picked off prematurely, then everything comes off along with the pigment, and your skin healing process starts all over again. After the scabs fall off in about 7-14 days, the pigment may disappear, but do not worry, it will gradually return, reveal and settles as your skin fully heals and regenerates, which is generally by day 28 post initial procedure.

Please make sure to text one daylight picture daily day 1-10 post initial procedure, then day 21 & day 28 to 727-773-7710 for evaluation of healing progress. Remember great healed results = teamwork, therefore timely communication with your technician is a must.

Treatments & Training with Anna Khita
Anna Khita offers all types of permanent makeup and medical tattooing treatments such as Powder brows, Permanent eyeliner, Lip blush, Cheek blushing, Hybrid brows, Digital hairstrokes, Combo brows Scalp Micropigmentation, Scar Camouflage, 3D Areola, Non-Laser tattoo removal and much more. Anna Khita specializes in correction of botched permanent makeup as there is nothing that she cannot fix. Her clients have nicknamed her the “Botched PMU Doctor” due to her extreme talent, deep knowledge of skin anatomy, color theory & over decade of experience.

Anna’s expertise and passion for PMU made her want to share her knowledge and teach others to love permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing as much as she does. Anna has now trained thousands of students, with many becoming highly successful. She offers fundamental & advanced permanent makeup & paramedical tattooing training classes to clients and students all over the world; she is simply the best at what she does! Whether you are looking for beautiful permanent make up, medical tattooing or tattoo removal for yourself or wanting to train and make this rewarding field your career, Anna Khita is the expert to go to!

Contact Anna now and start your permanent make up or medical tattooing journey!


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