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Powder brows

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Powder brows is a very popular technique of permanent makeup. The treatment has a lot of advantages, such as saving you the time you spend on doing your eyebrows every morning. No maintenance, flawless natural looking brows are what you get as a result. The feeling of getting back the confidence that was once broken by the bad brow situation is priceless. Powder brows are great for people with fuller natural brows, but require more definition, as well as for those with sparse, thin or no eyebrows at all. The shape is always custom designed based on client’s anatomical features and the desired healed look.

They are also referred to as:

  1. Ombre brows
  2. Airbrushed brows
  3. Stardust brows

They do not incorporate hair strokes and are best for clients that desire a fuller looking brow or for those that have existing brow hair but want to add base colour. This technique is not the same as solid 'block tattoo' eyebrows - it is soft and airy. Powder brows technique gives you beautiful natural finish and definition. Powder brows are meant to create a diffused powdered look, much like make up.

This technique is ideal for all skin types.

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