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Correction Of Botched Permanent Makeup

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Do You Have an Old Eyebrow Tattoo?

Eyebrows tattoo color correction, Botched P.M.U., Old Tattoo Cover-Up P.M.U.

If you have an old permanent makeup or previously microbladed eyebrow tattoo, you may be experiencing a hard time finding an experienced professional specializing in correction of old/ botched/ scared permanent makeup and who is willing to take you on as a new client. Book a Consultation, with Anna Khita, Expert Mater & Trainer!

​Old Permanent Makeup and Microblading Cover-Ups

It is very important for patients to be patient with their correction goal achievement, commit to the algorithm of treatment and trust the process with open communication and teamwork with your practitioner, Anna Khita. Mrs. Khita has over 15 years of experience in successful correction of severe cases of poorly performed permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing. Her main goal is to restore the skin tissue, create long lasting correction results with minimum trauma to skin and maximum results. It must be noted that not all Old and/or botched permanent make-up can be corrected, some cases require  combination of non-laser removal & scar relaxation algorithms prior to color corrections.  Each process doesn't happen overnight. Anna always explains a detailed treatment approach, what to expect and an approximate number of treatments to be needed, basing her judgement on what is best for the client.  It is essential for all clients to be open and honest about all of their prior permanent make-up treatments. Anna Khita reserves the right to discontinue her correction services or refuse in service should she determine that patient is not being honest or transparent. Remember, correction work is always a teamwork + open, honest communication. 

Clients that Have Received Prior Work and Feel They Only Need a Touch-Up. Old Artist is No Longer Available

All  new  patients that have initial permanent makeup done outside of Face Naked Studio, PMU Academy & Spa will  be treated  as a new client= new service, or new  correction service patient.  Although patients may like their old previously done permanent makeup, their evaluation is not based on the professional expertise of color, shape and pigment sharpness analysis. All Old/ Previously done/ Performed outside of Face Naked Studio  permanent makeup cannot just receive a touch-up. Our Expert Master Anna Khita must see the old work and assess the original work, before taking on client as a new client. All Clients that have received prior permanent makeup must receive a consultation either via phone, video call, text 727-773-7710 , email or in person. New Clients cannot book a touch-up session, unless they have already received service from Face Naked Studio.

Microblading Color Correction

In some cases, previous deep pigmentation might cause scarring, especially with the manual microblading technique done by an inexperienced micro blader. In this case, it is harder to implement evenly new pigment to perform color correction of the eyebrows.

Because of this, there is no guarantee of a specific result. It is hard to determine how many pigment removal sessions or color correction sessions the client needs. The good news is that there is nothing that Anna Khita cannot fix or correct when it comes to permanent makeup or medical tattooing

Color Corrections Is Not Always the Answer

We do not always perform procedures to cover old permanent makeup or microblading. Especially when the client is looking for a more natural outcome and the pigmented area is oversaturated and poorly shaped, we recommend starting with the removal of old permanent makeup or microblading.

Once an old tattoo fades at least about 50% we can consider color correction. It is important to have realistic expectations and make sure the client knows about all the possibilities.

Correction of old / Botched permanent makeup works great, but can be very lengthy and complicated, it might take great number of sessions and involve significant costs associated with the process.  While we always strive to exceed your expectations, it is very important to note that PMU correction, Color correction, Removal and Shape Alterations are not a 100% Guarantee fix.  All clients must understand this prior to services. It is not the New Master fault if old work cannot be easily removed or covered 100% due to trauma and damage previously caused by prior permanent makeup treatments performed outside of Face Naked Studio, Permanent Makeup Academy & Spa .

Every  correction treatment protocol needs a comprehensive action plan based on the individual case. Sometimes it will be a combination of removal and color correction. This requires the client's patience and dedication.

Color corrected eyebrows might need more touch-up sessions to maintain good results. We would love to help, even if it's just a consultation, for advice. We understand that a bad Permanent Make-up experience, can cause trust issues. Know your Options.

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