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Non Laser Lips Tattoo Removal

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Face Naked Studio currently offers the most efficient method to remove a tattoo. Our Tattoo Removal Method using the skin’s natural rejection response. All colors and color combinations can be removed with our tattoo removal without laser process. The tattoo ink leaves the body through the surface of the skin and the removal liquid will be completely degraded by the body’s natural metabolism within hours.

Always depends on the size. Each area must be treated only once at a time. Small tattoos can be removed with one to three treatments. Tattoos and Permanent Makeup older than 10 years do come off faster but there are still several variables that will ultimately dictate the number of sessions.

The Tattoo Remover

The Tattoo Remover is implanted into tissue the same way tattoo inks and permanent makeup pigments are implanted in tissue using a tattoo or permanent make-up machine. The treatment is not color selective (unlike laser) and is effective on all color inks and pigments.

How it works

Through a specially formulated process, our Tattoo Removal product bonds with ALL permanent makeup pigments and tattoo inks resulting in a tattoo removal procedure that is NON-color dependent unlike that of laser which is color dependent. This, in turn, greatly increases the potential for successful tattoo removal and decreases the overall number of treatment sessions required (as compared to what is frequently required when using the laser technique). Our Tattoo Removal System is like the original tattoo procedure. The Tattoo removal solution is implanted via digital  tattoo pen onto the desired area of removal.. Instead of implanting ink or pigment, specially formulated solution bonds with the original tattoo and then draws the ink to the skin’s surface. In addition, as noted above the Tattoo Removal solution also contains the scar-inhibiting product, which helps to minimize or prevent scarring.

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